–Special activity of “International Chinese Language Day”

CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of the CLEC Foundation successfully carried out the special event “My Chinese Dream” within the framework of the celebration of “International Chinese Language Day” on April 26. This is a session for the exchange of learning experiences between prominent Chinese students in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event was moderated by Andrea Mella, cultural coordinator of the institution, and was attended by Liu Wenqiu, cultural advisor of the Chinese Embassy in Chile, Roberto Lafontaine, director of the Regional Office and Sun Mingyang, deputy director of said institution, who gave words of welcome. Nearly 150 Chinese students and professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean gathered online to celebrate this important activity dedicated to the Chinese language.

As one of the languages with a long history and a world cultural heritage, and also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Chinese is playing an increasingly important role in international communication and cooperation. Likewise, its continuous development has provided new opportunities for young Latin Americans to open professional paths. For the occasion, the CLEC Foundation specially invited prominent representatives of Chinese students from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Barbados and other Latin American countries who are currently engaged in China-related works in different careers and fields. The speakers shared their experiences in learning Chinese, told their stories and links with China and what their “Chinese Dream” was. They all agreed that learning Chinese has completely changed their life story and helped open the door to a new world. Learning and love for the Chinese language and culture has given them great life value. For their part, the Latin American and Caribbean youth stated that this event allowed them to learn about the path of growth and development that the speakers followed and that it greatly inspired them to plan for their future and the development of their career, as well as motivated them continue to learn the Chinese language and Chinese culture with more confidence.

“International Chinese Language Day” has been celebrated for four consecutive years. Recently, the United Nations and UNESCO have carried out various activities within the framework of this commemoration. In addition, Chinese embassies and consulates, Chinese teaching institutions, Chinese and foreign schools in more than 140 countries, as well as “Chinese Bridge” clubs, examination centers, Chinese academies and workshops will organize more than 1,500 training events. various forms and contents during the period of the celebration.