Dear Chinese student in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Why have you decided to learn Chinese? Is it a hobby or a professional choice for you? How have the Chinese language and culture changed your life? Do you have an interesting “Chinese dream” to share?

Open your heart, tell your story, talk about your passion for China and your Chinese dream! The CLEC Foundation- Regional Center for Latin America and the Caribbean cordially invites you to participate in the Chinese Speech Contest for the region.

All those who wish to participate in this contest ( participating institutions, students and their legal guardians) are requested to carefully read the contest rules.

  1. Competition process

First stage: Publication of the Contest rules

July 2023 : Via email, CLEC official website, WeChat official account, community, social networks, among other channels.

Second stage: Reception of the works

From August 28 to September 22, 2023.

  • Contestants must send the requested materials specified in the Annex to the coordinator Andrea Mella [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] through the Wetransfer platform .
  • Sending the material through other platforms may cause delays in the reception and processing of the material.
  • After the review process, a confirmation message will be sent within 3 business days and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel .

Third stage: Online voting

Online participants and users must enter the Regional Center YouTube channel page to vote online before 12:00 (noon) on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Chile time (GMT-3). The number of “Likes” on the video on the YouTube platform will be counted . The video with the most “likes” will receive the “Popularity Award”.

Fourth stage. Review and evaluation of the works

From September 22 to October 10, 2023. The Regional Center will have a panel of experts who will form the jury committee, to formulate review criteria and evaluate the work.

Fifth stage: Announcement of the winners .

October 11, 2023 at 10:00 GMT-3.

2. Bases of the application

2.1 Participants

  • Participation is open to all Chinese students from Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Participants must be non-native Chinese speakers and without Chinese nationality, so showing nationality is required.
  • The participation of minors requires the consent of their guardians, who must sign a document authorizing them to participate in the contest and use their videos.

2.2 Theme and categories


“My Chinese Dream”


  • Contestants will be required to deliver a speech in Chinese (without a script ) and present it in a short video;
  • The speech should focus on the theme “My Chinese Dream”. Participants can discuss their personal experience, vision and feeling for learning Chinese, their personal development and self-improvement, as well as recount outstanding and moving anecdotes from learning Chinese, discuss the contributions they have gained from studying this language, and share their own related stories. with Chinese culture, etc.;
  • The works must present a clear theme, with positive content, rigorous structure, precise writing, vivid image, standard and fluent pronunciation, correct diction, and be eye-catching.
  • The duration of the speech is 3-5 minutes.


Contestants will be divided into two categories according to age: under 15 years (inclusive) and over 16 years (inclusive).

2.3 Video delivery requirements

  1. Format: . avi . mpg . flv
  2. It must contain the title of the topic, as well as the full name and nationality of the participant.
  3. Duration : from 3 to 5 minutes. Points will be deducted from works with durations shorter or longer than these parameters.
  4. Technical requirements: record with a horizontal camera and ensure good sound and image quality.

All videos that meet the above requirements will be judged by a jury of experts, who will make a comprehensive assessment on various perspectives, such as subject matter, content presentation, pronunciation, emotional expression, and overall interpretation.

2.4 Awards

  • First prize. 500usd 
  • Second prize 400 usd
  • Third prize 300 usd
  • Popularity Award 200 usd
  • A contestant may not receive more than one prize.
  • The prize will be sent via Western Union in US dollars (at the exchange rate in Chilean pesos) calculated on the day the prize is sent.
  • The participant will receive the prize in local currency, discounting bank commissions and other charges.
  • Each winner must send proof of receipt of the prize signed personally or by their legal guardian as appropriate.
  • All the winners and outstanding works will be published on the website of the CLEC Foundation – Regional Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as on its social networks such as Wechat , Facebook, YouTube , Twitter and others.
  • In the weeks after the contest, all participants will receive a digital certificate of participation issued by the CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Important considerations

  1. The works submitted must be original and created by the same participant according to the requirements;
  2. If there is any participation of other people in the video, they must have their authorization;
  3. Legal issues such as copyright, reputation rights, authorization of the participants in the video and others, involved in the work will be borne by the participant himself, ensuring that the video does not infringe the copyright of a third party;
  4. By submitting their application, entrants authorize the Regional Center to enjoy the right to distribute their work online indefinitely; the Regional Center and cooperative media have the right to reuse tickets for exhibition, demonstration and other purposes for publicity purposes, without additional remuneration or permission;
  5. Participating in the competition does not imply any payment or fee.
  6. CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean is the organizer of the event.
  7. Participants are required to submit all registration material before the specified deadline, otherwise the registration will be invalid;
  8. Any person who submits their application is considered to have accepted the conditions of this competition.

CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

July 17, 2023


List of materials to attach

  1. signed registration form
  2. Video according to the indicated format.
  3. Photography
  4. Legal guardian authorization (in case the contestant is a minor)
  5. Scanned copy of the participant’s identity document or passport. If you are a minor, you must also submit a scanned copy of your legal guardian’s identity document or passport.


registration form

Participant name:(names last names) 
Chinese name: 
National identification number: 
Phone number:country code +
Home address: 
Chinese level: 
Category to participate: 


Participant signature and date