In order to enhance students’ enthusiasm and interest in Chinese learning in Chinese teaching institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, and strengthen students’  understanding of Chinese society, culture, life, and other aspects, the CLEC Foundation – Regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean with the Beijing Language and Culture University, organized a “Tour of Chinese culture – China Latin America and the Caribbean youth online exchange camp”.

1. Dates:  August 23- 31,  2021

2. Language of instruction

This China-Latin American Youth Online Exchange Camp has two sessions:

a) Room 1: Chinese – Spanish

b) Room 2: Chinese and English

3. Participants:

Students (15 – 35 years) from Chinese education institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Chinese proficiency HSK level 2 (including level 2):  100 students for Room 1 (Chinese Spanish language) and 100 students for Room 2 (Chinese English language). Preference will be given to those university students from the faculties of Chinese language and specialties related to Chinese studies. In addition, 30 university students from the Spanish and English faculty at Beijing Language and Culture University.

Application link:

The Regional Office will review the application information within 3 business days and confirm the results of the application.

Those documents that prove your situation must be included:

a. HSK certificate level 2 or higher.

b. Regular student certificate from Chinese language college or specialty related to Chinese studies (If applicable).

Please note: The number of places is limited.

5. Schedule (GMT-4)

TimeAugust 23August 24August 25August 26
20:30-21:00Opening ceremony
21:00-22:00Speech by Former Chinese Ambassador Wang XiaoyuanChinese workshop
“Tour guide for a day”
Chinese workshop
“Let’s make jiaozi!”
Chinese workshop
“My story with the animals”
TimeAugust 27August 28August 30August 31
21:00-22:00Chinese workshop
“Learning to sing Chinese Songs”
Online visit – HuaweiOnline question competitionCourse review
“I want to tell you”
22:00-22:30Closing ceremony

6. Excellent student reward

To inspire the enthusiasm of outstanding Chinese students, after all the courses, will organize an online question competition. In the context of comprehensive course attendance and competition results, the CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin American and Caribbean will select 20 outstanding students for a scholarship to Chinese study online at Beijing Language University.

We invite you to sign up for this camp!

CLEC Foundation – Regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean

August  5,   2021