In order to increase enthusiasm and interest in Chinese language and culture in the region and strengthen knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Chinese tourism culture, the CLEC Foundation – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, in cooperation with Beijing University of Language and Culture (BLCU), will organize an online workshop on “China + Tourism Culture”. The information is detailed below:

  1. Dates:

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8 and 24 November. 8:00 -10:00am Beijing time (GMT+8)(Remember that Beijing time in this case, is one day ahead. For Latin America and the Caribbean, see annex at the end of the document)

  1. Language

The seminars (first part of the session) will be taught in Chinese, with simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The Chinese language class (second part of each session) will be held in Chinese language.

  1. Participants

The classes will be aimed at all Chinese students and fans of Chinese culture.

  1. Platform: Zoom Webinar (attendees access as spectators, without access to camera and microphone)

Registration at the following link:

Once the registration process is completed, you will receive an automatic confirmation and reminder email 1 hour before each session.

We also recommend that you add the registration in your calendar system that will appear after the registration is complete. 

V. Schedule (Beijing time GMT + 8)

1. Synchronous Classes

DateHourClass Teacher
Day 108:30-08:40Opening Ceremony
08:40-09:40Seminar: Traditional Festivals and Cultural Practices of ChinaYang Jianguo
09:40-10:40Chinese Themed Tourism: Traditional Chinese FestivalsLei Shuo
Day 208:00-09:00Thematic Chinese for Tourism: Regional Features and Overview of Chinese Culture Jia Lieying
09:00-10:00Chinese Thematic Tourism: Sustainable Rural TourismWang Feng
Day 308:00-09:00Seminar: World Cultural and Natural Heritage in ChinaZhang Zhaozhi
09:00-10:00Themed Chinese for Tourism: My HometownYu Miao
Day 408:00-09:00Seminar: The Chinese Dietary Concept of FoodLiu Qiangong
09:00-10:00Themed Chinese for Tourism: China’s Regional GastronomyChang Danyang
Day 508:00-09:00Seminar: Distribution, Evaluation and Conservation of China’s Tourism ResourcesTourism Expert
09:00-10:00Thematic Chinese for Tourism: Design and Planning of Tourism ProgramsWang Yan
Day 608:00-09:00Seminar: Current events and trends in the Chinese tourism industryTourism Expert
09:00-10:00Themed Chinese for Tourism: Influencer Tourist DestinationsLei Shuo
Day 708:00-09:00Seminar: Chinese Views on TourismTourism Expert
09:00-10:00Thematic Chinese for Tourism: Protection of World Cultural Heritage of HumanityWang Feng
Day 808:00-09:00Seminar: Tourism Consumption in ChinaChang Danyang
09:00-10:00Closing Ceremony 

2. Asynchronous Classes on Traditional Chinese Culture (will be published on our YouTube channel once the synchronous sessions are finished):

Traditional Chinese Culture Training Course (Asynchronous)Chinese Culture Experience: Tea CultureLi Zhen
Chinese Culture Experience: Tai ChiCheng Dali
Chinese Culture Experience: Traditional Chinese Medicine & HealthWang Weiguo

VII. Notes:

  1. Download the ZOOM APP;
  2. All times mentioned in the program are BEIJING LOCAL TIME GMT+8. Participants are kindly requested to adjust their schedule according to their time zone.
  3. Please enter in time for each session.
  4.  Those who attend 70% of the sessions and send a video (2 minutes or between 200 – 300 words) sharing their learning about the different aspects of this workshop in general will receive a certificate of participation. The videos will be received starting the week of November 20 when this series of talks is ending until November 30. The video must be sent to [email protected]
  5. The certificate will be in digital format based on the information entered in the registration. The certificates will be sent starting December 5.
  6. This workshop is free of charge.
  7. The classes will be recorded, edited and will be uploaded to our YouTube channelónCLEC

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CLEC Foundation- Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean


Time Zone Table for Latin America and the Caribbean

Costa Rica
El Salvador
Día 1Tuesday7-nov21:0020:0019:0018:008 nov 8:00am
Día 2Thursday  9-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0010 nov 8:00am
Día 3Friday10-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0011 nov 8:00am
Día 4Tuesday14-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0015 nov 8:00am
Día 5Thursday16-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0017 nov 8:00am
Día 6Friday17-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0018 nov8:00am
Día 7Tuesday21-nov21:0020:0019:0018:0022 nov 8:00am
Día 8Thursday23 nov.21:0020:0019:0018:0024 nov 8:00am