“Confucius Institute Day”

The Regional Center for Confucius Institutes for Latin America organizes the first Talent contest “Confucius Institute Day” aimed at Chinese language students in the different Confucius Institutes and Halls in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The objective of the competition is to reward those students who excel in the different categories: singing, gastronomy, speech, and martial arts in addition to their knowledge of Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture through a presentation of videos that combine the skills in the categories and command of the language.

1. Process and dates of the competition

Publication of the bases: August 15, 2020

Application and reception of the videos: September 1 to 12, 2020

Material review and evaluation period: September 13 to 27, 2020

Election of the Popularity Award: votes received at 10:00 am on September 27, 2020 (Santiago de Chile time)

Final: 11:00 am. September 28, 2020

2. Rules of the application:

2.1 Participants

All students of the Confucius Institutes of Latin America and the Caribbean can participate. They must attach in their application the certificate of regular student of their Confucius Institute.

2.2 Categories

Videos will be received in the following categories:

[1] Singing.

[2] Chinese gastronomy.

[3] Speech.

[4] Martial arts.

The requirements for each category are detailed below:

  • Singing. The participant must choose a Chinese song and language and perform it. You must respect the time parameters. The singing and pronunciation skills of the Chinese language will be evaluated.
  • Gastronomy. The participant must prepare a Chinese dish where they must incorporate dialogues in Chinese language, or do it entirely in Mandarin Chinese. You must respect the time parameters. The presentation on camera, the fidelity in the preparation of the dish, and the pronunciation of the words and phrases in Chinese will be evaluated.
  • Speech. The participant must prepare a speech in Chinese language. Pronunciation, common thread related to the central theme, and logical structure will be evaluated.
  • Martial arts. The participant will present a routine of Chinese martial arts, accompanied by an explanation in Mandarin Chinese. The presentation of martial arts, handling and pronunciation of the Chinese language will be evaluated.

2.3 Final

On September 28 at 11:00 Chile time will be held via Zoom Webinars, the publication of the results and the presentation of the winners. Each participant will receive in his / her email informed at the time of registration, the credentials to access the platform that day.

Any change in the indicated schedule will be informed to the participants through the email address provided in their application.

2.4 About the video

Each participant must send a video where they make a presentation related to the categories. The main objective is that each student can demonstrate their command of the Chinese language according to their level of study.

Video Features

  1. Format: .avi .mpg .flv
  2. Title must contain the full name of the participant and the category in which it participates
  3. Duration: 3 to 5 minutes. Durations shorter or longer than these parameters will not be included.
  4. Technical requirements: good quality sound and image, where understanding is possible.
  5. Content: the content must match one of the four categories mentioned above.

The videos will be uploaded to CRICAL’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQaFj1JFKAEqVx7Ornos4Kw where the public will have the option to vote. The votes received in the video on the CRICAL YouTube Channel will be counted exclusively. The video with the most votes at 10:00 am Santiago de Chile time on September 27 will be the winner of the Popularity Award.

All videos that meet the aforementioned requirements will be evaluated by a specialist jury who will evaluate the presentation, language, and the product as a whole.

The sending of the video as well as its application form must be sent to amellaf@crical.org through Wetransfer or similar. Once the material has been received and reviewed, confirmation of receipt of the files will be sent to the participant.

2.5 Awards

The prizes will be divided as follows:

[1] First prize. 500 USD

[2] Second prize 400 USD

[3] Third prize 300 USD

[4] Popularity Award 200 USD

A contestant cannot receive more than one prize.

All the winners and outstanding works will be published on the website of the Regional Center of Confucius Institutes for Latin America in addition to its social networks such as Wechat, Facebook, Twitter and others.

2.6 Originality

The submitted works must be original.

At the time of submitting the work, each participant ensures that their work does not infringe copyright issues with third parties. For those participants that include Chinese songs, they must have authorization for their reproduction otherwise, the YouTube platform will block the video. It is recommended to use the track without the artist’s voice.

The participant authorizes the Confucius Institutes Regional Center for Latin America to disseminate the sent material.

By submitting their application, the participant accepts all the conditions indicated above.

To participate in this competition you should not make any payment related to fees or registration.

Appendix 1

List of materials to attach

1. Registration form.

2. Student certificate from your Confucius Institute also indicating the level you are studying.

3. Video in the designated format.

4. Photography

Appendix 2

Registration form

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